The Strange Life of Anna Prince
The Strange Life of Anna Prince, by Publish America, will arrive or can be ordered in book stores on February 22. This non fiction adventure story is based on a true story by the author, Anna Prince. The book tells of nine year old Anna who rose from the wilderness backwoods of the South and trav eled as a guitar picker and street singer on the sidewalks of dozens of southern towns from Charlotte to Atlanta to Chattanooga, Kentucky and West Virginia . .. as a child street singer for her itinerant preacher father.
Little Anna survived high adventure, intense trauma and intrigue to grow up and become a successful international hit song writer for Grand Ole' Opry legend, Hank Locklin on RCA, the latest song recorded in 2,000. Anna Prince created and hosted a long running Nashville television musical talk show, where she inte rviewed and sometimes sang with country music legends on her show called Real Heroes of Country Music. Guests included Charlie Pride, Kitty Wells, Freddie Fender, Grandpa Jones, B. J. Thomas, Janie Fricke and dozens more. Anna went on to be included in Marquis Who's Who of Entertainment.
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Book News: Embrace an Autumnal Heart

J. Earle Bowden called Hank Locklin's home in Brewton to report that he included a chapter and a pen-and-ink drawing of the beloved Santa Rosa County native in his story collection book, titled Embrace an Autumnal Heart , Published by Father & Son Publishing, Inc., Tallahassee , Florida.

I stressed the excellent recording, "Generations in Song," sent to be by Tom Robinson of Nashville , in the profile. Tom once was one of my sports writers. For 31 years I was editor in chief and vice president of the Pensacola News Journal.  Once Hank came to our editorial board meeting, explaining origins of country music and entertained us with his classics so superbly captured on this last recording.

The publisher's address is:
Father & Son Publishing, Inc.
4909 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee , Florida 32303
Telephone 850-562-2712
book orders: 800-741-2712

Remember: It is a mark of distinction to have a Hank Locklin record in your home!  © 2001 ~ All rights reserved.